Beer For All!

I don’t know about you, but when the weather is lovely like this, I fancy a lovely cool, chilled beer (or two). I know that a lot of people frown upon drinking alcohol and especially when the weather is so warm like this, it can very well be dehydrating and not terribly healthy, but I think that the health benefits with regards to happiness are important too!

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Comments On This Blog

I just thought that I’d make a very quick, short post about commenting on my blog posts in this online journal.

Please, only comment if you feel you have something valuable to offer. I really dislike comments that are not appropriate or that are quite insincere. Please do take a moment to think before commenting! This journal mainly talks about food and food allergies and so on. If you are a genuine foodie or wish to offer a recipe, please also feel free to get in touch by emailing me or leaving a real comment that adds value to my blog.

Thank you very much!!


Beautiful Herbs and Spices

I was thinking about herbs and spices recently. I was thinking about how they can be brilliant to add to foods to enrich them and… make tea from them!! I love mint tea and we grow fresh, organic mint outside in the garden. We use it in cooking regularly as a fantastic little garnish. I feel that it adds a freshness and great little kick.

I have found mint to be one of the very best, non-allergy causing foods / herbs out there. I have never known anyone to have a bad reaction to it. It’s perfect in Greek Spanakopita (spinach pie), with fresh Halloumi cheese and wonderful as a tea – especially in the cold evenings in the Winter after a lot of food! It aids digestion and I  think that it helps to rerally clear up skin too.

Try it! Check it out as a tea, in cakes, and other recipes! You’ll be impressed – I promise.


me 2

Getting Back Online

Hello! So I’m back! I’m here again! 😀

I have had a huge renovation take place in my small, old Edwardian home and I’m so pleased that announce that all the works are over and I’m not back to work and not only better and happier in myself and my personal health, but business is also booming and the weather is great! These chaps who did my loft were utterly wonderful and I sincerely appreciate all of their terrific efforts to get my home looking much better and not only that but also slightly larger as I got a loft conversion, too! I may include some images in a future post.

I have been busy STUFFING my face full of gorgeous fresh fruits and veg this Summer and I feel so much better these days! I also have accumulated numerous new recipes that can be used by virtually anyone so whatever food allergy you may have, these dishes are all so incredibly, remarkably simple and basic and fast to make that anyone can follow them and enjoy them.
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Energy Level Update: April 2016

I haven’t posted anything in a while and my apologies for this. Life keeps getting in the way. I know that’s not much of an excuse but it’s mainly down to this – I feel better! I have been visiting a chiropractor – for the last few months after experiencing some problems with my lower back. He recommended that I take some liquid vitamin D. Continue reading “Energy Level Update: April 2016”